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Our Commitment

We want to make it easy for you to find Ethically Raised Pastured Beef, so here is our commitment to you:

Ethically Raised

• We Raise our Cows out on Pastures where they can eat Nutrient Dense Native Grass, or Lush Tame Grass as the Conditions Allow.  

In the Winter Months we feed them Silage Bales and Hay to help them Maintain their Health and Condition.

• We use trained Dogs, and Horses to move our Cows as Stress Free as possible.

• We follow Regenerative Agriculture Practices to help keep our Soil and Pastures Healthy.

• The Abattoir we use takes great Pride in Respecting the Animals that have been brought to them, and have taken extra steps to become Humane Handing Certified by the Animal Welfare Approved Organisation.


• We are in the process of becoming Verified Beef Producers. We want to demonstrate to our Customers our Commitment to Traceability, and Respectful Practices - Becoming Verified Beef Producers is one of the ways we can do that.

• Our Abattoir is also Committed to Transparency and Traceability. They follow Strict Protocols to ensure that their Customers take home the same meat they brought in.


We want everyone to be able to access our Ethically Raised Pastured Beef, and so we want to make shopping as easy as possible. 


We have Free Pick up locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Taber, Bow Island and Foremost.


Save Time and let us Deliver to your home or work. This Option is Available in Foremost, Bow Island, Taber, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat for a $5 fee (free for orders over $100) 

Not home, but still want your Meat Delivered to your door? Leave a cooler on your doorstep, and we will put your Meat inside.  Your Meat will be waiting for you on your Doorstep when you get home. 

Who Is Dykshoorn Farms?

Dykshoorn Farms is a 5th Generation Family Farm and Ranch in Foremost, which is located in Southern Alberta. We want everyone to have access to great tasting, ethically raised beef, and are committed to growing and raising quality products while protecting the land, and respecting the animal.

We raise Red Angus Hereford Cross Cattle, which graze on pasture in the summer, and are fed Haylage and Rolled Barley which has been grown on Dykshoorn Farms in the Winter months.  We believe that the care with which we raise our animals translates into a better product you can taste and see. We are excited to say we are working towards being "Verified Beef" Producers which gives us and our customers the ability to trace our cattle from Birth to Harvest.

We are excited for you to try our meat. We know you will love it. 

For more information on Verified Beef please visit:

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"Often I found the flavour of my beef was not quite what it needed to be, and no amount of seasoning seemed to make a difference, but Dykshoorn Farms made all the difference. I get my lean beef that is still tender and full of flavour to really bring my family recipes back to life."
Melissa Brown (Calgary, AB)


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