Ordering Bulk Beef is the most economical way to fill your freezer. You get to choose your cuts, the thickness of your steaks, the size of your roasts, 1 or 2 pound ground beef packages, and if you would like offal or bulk bones included in your order (whole & halves). 

1. Put a Deposit down on a Whole or Half Beef

2. When your animal is ready to be harvested we will contact you to let you know, and book your animal in with our abattoir (Prairie Meats in Coaldale).

3. Once we get your "Wet" hanging weight we will contact you via email. This email will include all cuts of beef available, and a brief description of each cut. This is also where you will choose your "Extra Processing" items. We recommend getting your cuts selected and email back in 1-2 days. This will prevent any extra charges.

4. We Dry Age all our beef for 21 days. This provides extra flavour and tenderness.

5. Your beef will be ready approx 24 days after it was delivered to Prairie Meats (Extra Processing Orders may take extra time).

6. We will call you when your beef is ready. The Balance owing MUST be paid before you pick up your meat. All meat must be pick up within 1 week of your call.

7. We can arrange delivery for a small fee. Please contact Tania at (403)647-7479 to arrange delivery

What is the Process?

Why Order Bulk Beef?