Dry Aging is a method of aging meat.  All meat benefits from being aged as it helps to let the meat rest. There are 2 ways that people age beef..."Dry Aging" and the more common "Wet Aging"  Wet aging is what you will find at most grocery stores and restaurants. Wet aging involves wrapping the meat in plastic and letting it sit in a cooler for usually around 10 days. 

With Dry Aging the meat is placed in a climate and humidity controlled room/environment and it is NOT wrapped. Dry Aging allows air to get to the meat and this helps to draw out moisture which intensifies the flavour, and allows the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the connective tissues making our meat extremely tender.

Why do we Dry Age our beef? We take great care in pride in the way we raise and finish our animals to be of premium quality, and we want to have it finished with the same care and quality that we raise them with. We also believe our customers are looking for a top notch product, and that is what we provide. 

We have an extended Dry Age of 21 days on ALL of our Beef. We have talked with our abattoir, and he feels that 21 days is the sweet spot for our beef. It gives them enough time to enhance the flavour and tenderness without it getting too strong of a flavour. He feels that because we start with a quality product we don't need to hang it any longer. To do so would result in an unnecessary loss of product and a flavour that could be too strong for many people. 

What is Dry aging, and why do we feel it is so important to do with our beef

What is Dry