At Dykshoorn Farms we offer a credit for extra processing when you buy a half or whole beef. We want you to be able to try other products that you might not have thought of ordering with out it.

Extra Processing Products Available:

Regular. Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, Peppered, BBQ, Sweet Chili

Smoked Sausage: Regular Mennonite, Garlic, Spicy, Polish
Fresh Sausage: Italian, Chorizo, Onion/Garlic. Brats
Breakfast Sausage, Maple Breakfast Sausage

Regular, Jalepeno Cheddar

Regular, Hot, Suicide, Honey Garlic

Snack Stix
Honey Garlic, Polish, Jalepeno, Garlic


Hamburger Patties
Unseasoned: 4oz, 6oz
Bacon Flavored: 6oz
Seasoned: Spice Flavor: 4oz, 6oz
Seasoned: Spice Bacon Flavor: 6oz

What is Available to order with my extra processing credit?

Extra Processing