Verified Beef Producers

Dykshoorn Farms is taking the steps to become Verified Beef Producers.  This enables us to publicly demonstrate our commitment to being responsible stewards of our Cattle and the Enviroment.  

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Pasture Raised Grain Finished

Our Cattle are Pasture Raised on Nutrient Rich Native Grasses, and Lush Tame Grass as the conditions allow, then slowly Finished on Grasses and Rolled Barley which we grow right here on Dykshoorn Farms.  We find this combination of finishing them slowly on Grass and Barley leads to more Marbling, which means more Flavor and Tenderness.

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No Antibiotics*

*We do not use Antibiotics in any of our feed. That being said, if we have a sick animal we will administer antibiotics if needed... However in Canada we have Strict Guidelines which need to be met before that animal can be harvested. We abide by these rules, and can back this up by our records. 

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No Animal By-Products

Our animals are never fed any animal by-products

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Humane Harvesting

Our Animals are Harvested at a Prairie Meats in Coaldale, which is Humane Handling Certified. This certification was approved by the Animal Welfare Approved Organisation in Humane Handling Practices. For more information go to https://animalwelfareapproved....

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Provincially Inspected

All of our Beef comes from a Provincially Inspected Abattoir. The inspector checks the meat carcass to make sure that it all passes necessary criteria.
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21 Day Dry Aged

We Dry Age our Beef for 21 days. This gives the meat even more Flavor, and Tenderness.

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