To keep you safe during COVID 19 we are now delivering ALL purchases to your door with FREE delivery.

FREE Freezer Storage

One Year FREE Storage with your Bulk Beef Purchase

FREE Freezer Storage for your Bulk Beef

Enjoy all the benefits of buying bulk beef without the expense and hassle of the required freezer space!

What is the Number One reason most people claim they don't buy their Beef in Bulk? FREEZER SPACE! This is no longer a problem: When you buy a Whole, Half or Quarter of Beef from Dykshoorn Farms we are giving you the option to store your Beef for FREE in one of our Freezers for up to 1 Year!*

When you Order your Bulk Beef, make sure to let us know you would like to take advantage of FREE freezer storage by adding it to your cart in the Bulk Beef section of the store.

At the beginning of each month you will receive an e-mail with your remaining beef inventory. This allows you to have the cost efficient benefits of buying bulk, while taking away the need for a large amount of freezer space. With our tracking and traceability we guarantee that you will receive the beef you ordered.

When your home freezer is running low, simply "order" your beef as usual and we will deliver to your door, OR meet us at our Pick-up Location during our weekly delivery run**.

*Bulk Beef Orders must be Paid in Full at time of Pick up from Prairie Meats*

*Availiable in All Locations except Edmonton; Calgary delivery only the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month

Buy Your Bulk Beef

Buy your Bulk Beef online, and Select the Freezer Storage Option when Ordering.

Check your Email

The 1st Week of each Month, we will email you a list of all your remaining Beef.


Order online as usual, and enjoy all the benefits of Bulk Beef, without having to buy a freezer.