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Welcome to Dykshoorn Farms

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Dykshoorn Farms is a 5th Generation Family Farm and Ranch in Foremost, which is located in Southern Alberta. We are committed to growing and raising quality products while protecting the land, and respecting the animal.

We raise Red Angus Hereford Cross Cattle, which graze in our pastures in the summer, and are fed Haylage and Rolled Barley which has been grown on Dykshoorn Farms in the Winter months.  We believe that the care with which we raise our animals translates into a better product you can taste and see. We are excited to say we are working towards being "Verified Beef" Producers which gives our consumers the ability to trace our cattle from Birth to Harvest.

We use our horses to move our cows the old fashioned way, as we have found that the cows respond better, move easier, and remain calmer when moved that way.  We also use our Border Collies Mika, and Lacey to help move the cows. They are professionally trained working cow dogs, and there is a mutual respect between the cows and the dogs.

We are excited for you to try our meat. We know you will love it. 

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